May 21, 2016

3 Months and a few hours

In between, I found Buster - the dog who walked me through in Kasol.

But otherwise, it has been 3 months and 24 hours since Siddu died. That is what he did - died.

And the blurring of his memory causes too much pain, more than the immediate aftermath of him dying. He is refusing to come out of his shadows but if I look at his photos, he still looks the same, as if nothing happened, as if he is still with me.

In these three months, I went back to Chitradurga where he had had a good time, went to Dubare, took him to foreign lands, to Jog and even to the Sar Pass. He travelled more in these three months than he would usually travel with me and surely, he must have had a good time. He always had a good time being around with me and his ashes make a comparatively poor substitute.

I will meet him soon.