March 13, 2017

There are statues made of soil, staring intently.

They turn around and nod at one another

The see the road pass by, the winds rustled around

They stand together in a straight line, they march steps together
The only person who wants a change in the world is a baby with a diaper

We want people to make choices that is influenced by us

Our mind is used to holding very few variables

All truth passes through three stages - first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third, it is accepted as self evident.

The secret of happiness is where you put your reference point - Ambani or your neighbour

If I fight so many times, am I wrong

If they argue so many times, are they right

Do you know what should be done

You should go back to your basics, go to the field, roam around, write read and I repeat read. Look out for alternatives. If you survive, fight out

If you cannot figure out what to do with your life, try being cool about it. See what are your immediate priorities and complete those tasks. Go step out, see what you want to do

I had loved her today, I had loved her then
I remembered her smile and loved her eyes

There was a smile which burnt bright, eyes that twinkled wide
She spoke just words, she walked happily

There was a rush, wind rustled by, the trees stopped swaying, the birds failed to fly

I burnt with desire, drenched by loads of sweat, I could feel her walk by
There was a well ahead, glistening with sweat
It promised a better future, it promised some light as well

There was a rope and a bucket, there was some water as well
The well had everything required to make my heart throb
I saw the well from far away, I could see it glisten with sweat

The well had an issue though, the well could walk as well
As I walked below the flaming sky, the well seemed at hand
The sun created mirages, yet the well had roots that spread wide

I was almost upon it, when the roots began to shake

I reached fr the bucket, could feel the caring water on my lips
It was then that the well walked away, leaving me with the bucket unopened

It kept walking and I stood in shock "Oh my hard work has been lost"

There walks my redemption

The well stopped some distance away and beckoned me again

I stood in disbelief and held my arms high in pain

What happens when the lights go out

What happens when the lights go out,
whether the sun shines or the stars dim

Where is the path that stood at the end of the tunnel,
Was the tunnel just an illusion to lure the gullible

When I entered the tunnel, there was darkness all around,
There was water, there was food but was there goodness around

March 5, 2017

Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task - then everything else will follow in time.

- R. Murray Schafer -

March 4, 2017

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

- Martin Buber -

Hampi Uninterrupted