October 29, 2018

And a Step taken!!!

And a step taken and the eyes open,
No desire to thrive and no life that shines,
It is so easy to die when you just close your eyes

October 28, 2018

Hard Way Home

This harsh and splendid land,
With snow-covered rock mountains, cold crystal streams,
Deep forests of cypress, juniper and ash,

Is as much my body as what you see before here.

I cannot be separated from this or from you,
Our many hearts have only a single beat.

- From "The warrior song of king cezar"

October 20, 2018

Of People, lashes and love

If I make the lashes dark

and the eyes more bright...

And the lips more scarlet or ask if all be right...

From mirror to mirror, no vanity's displayed.

I am looking for the face I had, before the world was made.

What a poem by a man long dead

Memories from the Past - 23rd Sugust, 2001, Thursday, 0830 hours

It is such a romantic poet's dream come true

The weather in front of me is blowing, howling and raining as hard as it can, probably as hard as it can get.

It looks so beautiful that I would rather not comment on it. As I write, the intensity is decreasing and sometimes increasing.

The drama unfolds when KD takes me outside. This is one of the rarest times when someone else has taken me. Usually, I am outside on my own. But this rainfall is something else. It is simply great. The intensity, the overwhelming qualls, the everything, the overflowing drains, the stalled Maruti cars, the poor old Bajaj's, students trying their best not to get wet yet hopelessly losing in their endeavors. The nala is losing all semblance of decency and is soon about to break all decency and lay waste the country. But strangely, this never happens.

The ground in front of the Arts college is waterlogged and ideal for some face bashing exercise and this is what Girish and me indulge in and I get completely boxed by him. Soon, we are racing along with the world and hopelessly lose out. KD meets with a dreadful accident which will probably lay him incapacitated for a week...........

October 7, 2018

ANd the Giant Grizzled Squirrel quietly fades away

Ratufa macruora is dead. Long live the revolution.

Ummm, sorry. The Giant Grizzled Squirrel is not yet dead. But even he and many of his ilk die, will it matter My bet is on the big word "No". Who are we to worry about the Ratufa macruora, who are we to worry about this obscure animal also known as the Giant Grizzled Squirrel.

For it was giant in an earlier time and era, it was a giant when the end was not so near and it was a giant because some romantic biologist deemed so.

This article brings out a point. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/dwindling-grizzled-giant-squirrel-species/article25106154.ece

With 500 of them remaining, we should wait to see whether they live to see 2030

October 5, 2018

The Water Skater

While I sat quietly on stony shallow,
And the water gurgled urgently around.
I could see a boy run busy,
And I decided I must found out why.

For, he was a bubbly water skater,
As that's what he did - skate all around.
He pushed his hindleg back and pushed ahead as if no one saw.
I am sure that he could beat his competition through.

He occasionally jumped, as if on a fright
And then sized up the water flow
And then, as if on a rush, went flying through

October 4, 2018

And when I walk through the pathways of heaven

And when I walk through the pathways of heaven,
I stumble upon magic forests.

The whites turn to green here and the stones turn to dreams,

I hear sounds of the winds, hear water bubbling through,
And I know that if a choice was made to me, I would willingly surender myself to this beautiful view

The Gap

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